Our Story

Pet beds

Cinquième Patte is a Swiss company, established out of deep love and passion for animals. The name CINQUIEME PATTE was born from the belief in strong connection between animal and human.  It is a symbol of the union where one cannot exist without the other. Cinquième Patte expresses how much our animals need us and how much we need them.

Our 4-legged friends were the inspiration to create the brand Cinquième Patte. Rescuing dogs and cats from places in the world where animal rights are not protected and where they are forced to live in difficult conditions has been our concern for years.  The animals who have come to our homes and become part of our families have taught us what their needs are, what makes them happy and what they like.   All products have been designed based on this learning.   

Our goal is to make the animals comfortable, and make their human companions happy by having modern, high quality and easily maintained objects for their loved pets.  

The proximity of our suppliers, carefully selected in Europe, supports the idea of sustainable and eco-friendly operations.  We choose quality materials and manufacture to highest quality standards, collaborating with small, often family-owned businesses.   The attention to details, resulting in perfect quality and beautifully designed products is our priority.